About This Site

This site is not official - we know that, and now you do too. It's a bit of wry look at life, politics, the world, us, me, them, you and my dog Terrence (he's a terrier, obviously).

Why England For Obama..? Why not I say - I mean England does love Obama, and I mean the country, not the 'New England' bit of the USA. And that Obama fellow is a politician - you've probably heard of him. In fact, it's funny really how he's become generically known as 'Obama' when he has a title ('President' right!?) as well as a first name... I know, I know, you're struggling to remember it right now... it's on the tip of your tongue... OK, 'Barack', pain over.

You might even be surprised to find that 'that' Obama is not the only one. It's actually quite a common surname in some parts of the world. There's a footballer from Cameroon. And in Japanese it means 'little beach'. So there, now you know something else that I didn't either before looking it up on Wikipedia...

Let's Be Clear

This site is, was and never will be official. For anything. We're not even sure it's a real site to be fair. Is it really here. Are you here. If you're not here then do we really exist at all. Does a bear tra-la-la in the woods..?